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Travel Information

Kenya Travel Information

Name: Republic of Kenya
Area: 582,645 sq km Capital: Nairobi
Population: 29.3 mn, 51 per sq. km, 47% growth
Life Expectancy: 51 Infant Mortality: 76 per thousands
Doctors per mn: 15
Currency: Kenya Shilling (KSh)

GDP: $11549 mn, $350 per capita, -0.2% growth
ODA: $459 mn
Exports: Tea, Coffee, Horticulture
Dev. Index: 0.396
Time: GMT+3 Dial Code: 254

The Government
Head of State: President Emilio Mwai Kibaki Head of Gov't: President Emilio Mwai KibakiI
Gov't Party: Coalition Government
Election Type: National Assembly Period: 5 yrs Next: 2012
Gov't System: Republic Unicameral, directly elected National Assembly holds legislative
Power: Executive power held by president, also directly elected for 5years.
Legal System: Based on English common law, tribal law, and Islamic laws judicial review in High court accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction.
Colonized by: British
Independence: 12 Dec 1963

The Geography and Climate
Coastline: 536km Geo Coordinates: 1 00N, 38 00E
Health Risks: Malaria exists all year throughout the country. There is normally little risk
in Nairobi and in the highlands (above 2500 metres) of Central, Rift Valley, Eastern
Nyanza and Western Provinces. Rabies.
Rivers: , Galana, Tana Lakes: Lake Turkana
Highest Pts: Mount Kenya 5199 feet

Travelling to Tanzania some tips for a tourist or travellers


Full country name: United Republic of Tanzania
Area: 945,090 sq km (364,879 sq mi)
Population: 31,270,820
Capital city: Dodoma
People: 99% native African (over 100 tribes), 1% Asian, European and Arabic
Languages: Swahili, English, indigenous.
Religion: 40% Christian, 33% Muslim, 20% indigenous beliefs
Government: Republic (multi-party state)


GDP: US$7 billion
GDP per head: US$220
Inflation: 40%
Major industries: Tobacco, sugar, sisal, diamond and gold mining, oil refining, cement, tourism
Major trading partners: India, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Rwanda, the Netherlands, South Africa, Kenya, U.K., Saudi Arabia, China

Facts for the Traveler
Visas: All visitors require a visa except citizens of some Commonwealth countries (Canada and the UK excepted), Scandinavian countries, the Republic of Ireland, Rwanda and Sudan. For these nationalities, a free visitor's pass, valid for one to three months, can be picked up at the point of entry (you'll be asked how long you plan to stay - three months is no problem). You will need proof of yellow fever vaccination if travelling to Zanzibar.
Health: Yellow fever, malaria, bilharzia, tsetse fly, cholera, hepatitis, meningitis, and typhoid. HIV/AIDS is a serious risk, though not as prevalent as in Uganda. Tampons are imported and available only in the bigger towns and cities. Locally made sanitary napkins are generally plentiful.

Time: GMT/UTC plus three hours
Electricity: 230V
Weights & measures: Metric